Monday, 13 May 2013

The First Rose in Bloom

Good morning from a slightly overcast Mottisfont. Here we have the 'Anemone Rose' and it's the first rose in bloom! Every year there is a bit of competition between this and 'Gloire de Dijon' as to which will bloom first. These roses grow along a large south facing wall and get a great deal of sunshine which is why they come out so much earlier than most of the others.

To accompany the first blooms on the roses we have a stunning display of Myosotis in the Frameyard, there are great swathes of powder blue mixing in with the roses and Tulips.

 Whilst on the subject of Tulips we have some beautiful varieties in the garden this year; First is a pink variety called 'Survivor', next is a pale pearl/white variety called 'Angels Wish' and below is 'Cairo'. I realise the picture at the bottom isn't the best quality but the 'Cairo' Tulip is a
 real winner in my opinion.

To continue on from my last instalment - below is a picture of some of the Lavender hedges that were trimmed a couple of weeks ago. You can see how much they have come on  in just a couple of weeks, its a really good comparison.

It's an exciting time to be out in the garden as everything is growing like mad (including the weeds) and I find myself being rewarded with the sight of plants that I had forgotten about over the long winter. What a great feeling! I hope you all have a good week and are able to get out and enjoy your own gardens.

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  1. Great updates, Jonny - North Garden looks really sharp!