Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Beautiful Roses

"He who would have beautiful Roses in his garden must have beautiful Roses in his heart" Dean Hole.

A short and sweet entry this week as the garden is now getting really busy both with work to be done and visitors. I hope you enjoy the following pictures, I wish I could photograph everything in flower but there just isn't enough room. There is a wonderful display of Peonies, Geranium, Crambe, Hemerocallis, Dianthus and much more to accompany the Roses so I urge you to come and visit.

Mottisfont Abbey

 'Lady Hillingdon'

'Tom Marshall'


Kat cleaning up 'Desprez a fleur jaune'

'Marguerite Hilling'

'Pax' and 'Vanity' growing together

'Souv. de la Malmaison' 


  1. Hello Jonny, We visited mottisfont today and were very impressed by the walled garden and the huge trees. Could you tell me which species the largest maple by the river (nearest the morning room) is please - it is stunning! Thanks very much Catherine

  2. Is a list of the 650+ species of roses at Mottisfont available to the public? Thanks John